General Surgery=Загальна хірургія. — 2-ге вид. Recommended by the State Institution “Central methodical cabinet of the higher medical education of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” as a textbook for students of higher educational institutions.
ISBN: 978-966-382-852-7
Автор: Березницький Я. С.(за ред.)
Рік: 2020
Мова: англійська
Сторінок: 328
Обкладинка: тверда
Ціна: 550 грн.

The contents of the textbook correspond with curriculum for the general practitioner
training in connection to the general surgery main topics, that is approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The textbook contains the main terminological, diagnostic and medical principles of providing medical care to patients with main, socialy significant surgical diseases, along with the questions of surgical care organization, examination and supervision of surgical patients.
Well-structured information in the textbook with clearly highlighted main sections of the topic is given according to the professionally-oriented tasks approved by industry standards. Each section of the topic is presented in an algorithmic form, which in authors’ opinion, should facilitate a better understanding of materialby students while using credit-module teaching system.
This textbook is intended for the 3rd year students of higher medical universities, III–IV levels of accreditation.

Preface from the editors .. 7
Part 1. Fundamentals oF surgical care organization
1.1. general principles of surgical care organization ..9
General issues of the terminology and medical care organization.. 9
Outpatient surgical care ..10
Inpatient surgical care ..10
General issues, terminology and periods of surgical treatment .10
Preoperative period ..12
Intraoperative period ..13
Postoperative period ..14
1.2. surgical patient care ..19
General principles of patient care .19
General patient care ..20
Techniques of medication administration ...26
Postinjection complications ..31
Application of the simplest treatment procedures ...32
Specialized care of operated patients ...38
Surgeries on the thorax and thoracic organs ..38
Surgeries on the abdominal cavity and abdominal organs ..39
Urological surgeries ..40
Proctological surgeries ..41
Care of critically ill and agonizing patients..41
1.3. desmurgy ..43
Desmurgy: dressings, bandages, materials and techniques of making ...43
Classification of bandages ..43
Roller bandage and its elements. Rules for bandaging ...44
Techniques of applying roller bandages, triangular, four-tailed, adhesive and tubular elastic bandages ..45
1.4. asepsis and antisepsis ...65
General information and terminology ..65
Basics of modern asepsis ...65
The main channels of infection and its prophylaxis ....65
Airborne droplet infection and its prophylaxis ...65
Contact infection and sterilization ..67
General principles of sterilization ...67
Physical methods of sterilization ..67
Chemical methods of sterilization ..69
Selected issues of sterilization ..69
Implantation infection and its prophylaxis ..73
Endogenous infection and its prophylaxis ..74
Hospital acquired infection and its prophylaxis ..75
The problem of HIV-infection and other transmissible infections in surgery ..75
The sequence of actions to be followed by medical staff in case of medical accidents ...76
Basics and types of modern antisepsis ..77
Mechanical antisepsis ..77
Physical antisepsis ..78
Chemical antisepsis ..79
Biological antisepsis ...80
Classical principles of rational antibiotic therapy ..80
1.5. general issues of pain, anesthetic management, intensive care of medical emergencies,
cardiopulmonary and cerebral resuscitation ..81
Terminology used in anesthesiology and intensive care ..81
Essential ideas of pain in surgical practice ..83
Pain control: terminology and general issues ..83
Methods of anesthesia ...84
Local anesthesia ..84
Some peripheral blocks with local anesthetics..87
Intercostal nerve block ..87
Procaine retromammary block ..87
Procaine short block ..88
Intrapelvic block according to Shkolnyk – Selivanov..88
Postoperative pain and the main principles of its elimination ..88
General information on pain associated with operative interventions, its mechanisms and the
principles of pain control depending on the type and extent of an operative intervention ..88
General principles of intensive therapy ..93
General issues of diagnosis and intensive care of acute respiratory failure ..95
General issues of diagnosis and intensive care of acute cardiovascular collapse and shocks ..100
Hypovolemic shock and blood loss .102
Terminal states and patho physio logy of dying and clinical death ..105
Preagony ..105
Terminal pause ..106
Agony ..106
Types of death ..107
Clinical death ..107
Biological death ..108
A complex of cardiopulmonary and cerebral resuscitation ..108
First stage of resuscitation (Basic life support (BLS)) ..109
The second stage of resuscitation (Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)) ..112
test questions for part 1 ..116
Part 2. general issues oF surgical Pathology
2.1. terminology, diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhages ...121
General issues of hemorrhage and principles of its classification...121
Clinical presentations of acute and chronic hemorrhage ..123
Arrest of bleeding (hemostasis) ...125
2.2. Wounds and wound process .