Pathomorphology=Патоморфологія: Підручник для мед. ун-тів, інст., акад. — 2-ге вид. Затверджено вченою радою ХНМУ
ISBN: 978-617-505-790-2
Автор: За ред. І.В. Сорокіної, В.Д. Марковського, Д.І. Галати.
Рік: 2020
Мова: англійська
Сторінок: 328
Обкладинка: тверда
Ціна: 400 грн.

The textbook is written by a group of authors of the pathological anatomy department of Kharkiv National Medical University. The modern actual information on general and special pathomorphology is presented in English. The textbook consists of two parts. The first part is devoted to general pathological processes: damage of cells and tissues, regeneration and adaptation, circulation disorders, inflammation, immune pathology, basics of oncology and tanatology. The second part covers the pathomorphology of diseases according to the nosological principle. The morphological manifestations of pathological processes are described using the newest research methods at the organ, tissue, cellular and subcellular levels, with high-quality illustrations (see colour inserts) of macro- and microspecimens. The edition is supplemented with the chapter Oral Pathology, which allows it to be of use for students of the dentistry faculty.
For English-speaking students of higher medical education establishments of Ukraine in the specialties “general medicine”, “dentistry”.

Chapter 1. Cell And Tissue Injury
1. Intracellular Dystrophies
2. Stromal-Vascular Dystrophies
3. Pathology of Pigments (Mixed Dystrophies)
4. Mineral Metabolism Disturbances
5. Necrosis. Apoptosis
Chapter 2. Blood And Lymph Circulation Disturbances
1. Blood Filling Disturbances
2. Vascular Permeability Disturbances
3. Blood Rheology Disturbances
4. Dic Syndrome
5. Shock
6. Lymph Circulation Disturbances
7. Interstitial Fluid Amount Disturbances
Chapter 3. Inflammation
1. Exudative Inflammation
2. Proliferative Inflammation
Chapter 4. Immunopathological Processes
1. Cells And Organs of the Immune System
2. Immune Response
3. Pathomorphology of Immunopathological Processes
4. Changes of the Antigen-Stimulated Lymphoid Tissue
5. Hypersensitivity Reaction
6. Autoimmune Diseases
7. Immune Deficiency Syndromes
Chapter 5. Tissue Repair And Adaptation
1. Regeneration
2. Wound Healing
3. Healing in Specialised Tissues
4. Adaptation
5. Compensation
Chapter 6. Neoplasia
1. General Characteristics of Neoplasia
2. Mesenchymal Tumours
3. Tumours of the Nervous System and Brain Membranes
4. Tumours of the Melanin-Forming Tissue
5. Epithelial Tumours
6. Cancers of Specific Organs
Chapter 7. Haemopoieticand Lymphoid System Pathologies
1. Red Cell Pathology
2. White Cell Pathology
3. Thrombocyte Pathology
Chapter 8. Cardiovascular Pathologies
1. Atherosclerosis
2. Ischaemic Heart Disease
3. Hypertensive Vascular Disease
4. Systemic Diseases of the Connective Tissue with Immune Disturbances (Rheumatic Diseases)
Chapter 9. Central Nervous System Pathologies
1. Cerebrovascular Pathology
2. Head Injury
3. Hydrocephalus
4. Demyelinating Diseases
5. Neurodegenerative Diseases
6. Spongiform Encephalopathies
7. Tumours
Chapter 10. Respiratory System Pathologies
1. Acute Respiratory Pathology
2. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases
Chapter 11. Gastrointestinal Tract Pathologies
1. Throat and Pharynx
2. Oesophagus
3. Stomach
4. Intestines
5. Appendix
6. Peritoneum
Chapter 12. Liver, Gallbladder And Pancreas Pathologies
1. Liver
2. Gallbladder
3. Pancreas
Chapter 13. Renal And Urinary Tract Pathologies
1. Glomerulopathies
2. Tubulopathies
3. Pyelonephritis
4. Nephrolithiasis
5. Polycystic Renal Disease
6. Nephrosclerosis
7. Tumours of the Kidneys
Chapter 14. Endocrine System Pathologies
1. Pituitary Body
2. Adrenal Glands
3. Thyroid Gland
4. Parathyroid Glands
5. Diabetes Mellitus
Chapter 15. Reproductive System Pathologies
1. Male Reproductive System
2. Female Reproductive System
3. Breast
4. Obstetric Pathology
Chapter 16. Prenatal And Perinatal Pathologies
1. Prenatal Pathology
2. Perinatal Pathology
Chapter 17. Infectious Pathologies
1. General Pathology of Infectious Diseases
2. Gastrointestinal Tract Infections
3. Viral Diseases
4. Rickettsioses
5. Tetanus
6. Childhood Infectious Diseases
7. Tuberculosis
8. Sepsis
9. Syphilis
10. Quarantine Infections
11. Prion Diseases
12. Protozoal And Helmintic Diseases
Chapter 18. Oral Pathologies
1. Pathology of the Hard Tooth Tissue
2. Pathologies of the Tooth Pulp and Periodontium
3. Pathology of the Gums and Periodontium
4. Pathology of the Jaw Bones
5. Pathology of the Salivary Glands
6. Pathology of the Lips, Tongue and Soft Tissues of the Oral Cavity