Obstetrics and Gynecology=Акушерство i гінекологія: in 2 volumes. — Volume 1. Obstetrics=Акушерство: Підручник для мед. ун-тів, інст., акад. — 2-ге вид. Рекомендовано МОЗ
ISBN: 978-617-505-693-6
Автор: За ред. В.І. Грищенка, М.О. Щербини
Рік: 2018
Мова: англійська
Сторінок: 392
Обкладинка: тверда
Ціна: 400 грн.

Under current conditions in the sphere of improvement of the quality of student training at higher medical education establishments and deepening of their knowledge in the field of obstetrics it becomes absolutely necessary to publish textbooks, which cover the issues of obstetrics and correspond to current education programs.
The textbook has been created according to the obstetrics curriculum and in accordance with the Bologna process requirements.
The book describes the latest achievements of world obstetric science, deals with physiological aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, major factors of etiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases during pregnancy, labor and postpartum period.
For students of higher medical education establishments.

Chapter 1. Fertilization, Embryogenesis, Critical Period of Ontogenesis
Umbilical cord
Critical periods of ontogenesis
Test questions
Case Study
Chapter 2. Changes in the Woman’s Body during Pregnancy. Hygiene and Nutrition of Pregnant Women. Influence of Harmful Factors on Fetus
Changes in the Woman’s Body during Pregnancy
Central Nervous System
Endocrine System
Immune System
Cardiovascular System
Hematopoietic Organs
Respiratory System
Acid-Base Condition
Digestive System
Urinary System
Supporting-Motor Apparatus
Mammary Glands
Genital Organs
Regimen and Hygiene of Pregnant Women
Pregnancy Nutrition
Influence of Harmful Factors on Fetus
Test Questions
Case Study
Chapter 3. Methods of Research in Obstetrics and Perinatology. Pregnancy Diagnostics and Management
History Taking
Objective Obstetric Examination
General Examination
Specific Obstetric Examination
Test Questions
Case Study
Chapter 4. Female Pelvis. Pelvic Floor. Fetus as an Object of Labor. Biomechanism of Labor in Cephalic and Breech Presentation
Female Pelvis
Pelvic Floor
Fetus as an Object of Labor
Biomechanism of Labor in Cephalic and Breech Presentation
Test Questions
Case Study
Chapter 5. Causes of Labor Onset. Expulsive Forces. Clinical Picture, Management and Pain relief of Labor
Causes of Labor Onset
Assessment of Biological Readiness of the Pregnant Woman’s Body for Labor
Labor Precursors
Expulsive Forces
Clinical Picture and Management of Labor
Partogram Use in Labor Management
Labor Pain Relief
Test Questions
Case Study
Chapter 6. Physiology of the Puerperal and Neonatal Periods
Physiology of the Puerperal Period
Involution of Genital Organs
The Main Principles of Puerperal Period Management
Postpartum Care
Physiology of the Neonatal Period
Neonatal Period Management
Test Questions
Case Study
Chapter 7. Multiple Pregnancy
Types of Twins
Multiple Pregnancy Diagnostics
Multiple Pregnancy Management
Intrauterine Death of one Twin
Congenital Defects
Multiple Pregnancy Labor and Delivery
Test Questions
Case Study
Chapter 8. Deflexion presentation, Pelvic Presentation, and Malposition of the Fetus
Deflexion Presentation of the Fetal Head
Sincipital Presentation
Brow Presentation
Face Presentation
Test Questions
Case Study
Pelvic Presentation
Pelvic Presentation Etiology
Pelvic Presentation Classification
Pelvic Presentation Diagnostics
Pregnancy Management in Pelvic Presentation
Corrigent Gymnastics Methods
Pelvic Labor Course
Pelvic Labor Management
Test Questions
Case Study
Fetal Malposition
Diagnostics of Transverse and Oblique Fetal Lie
Clinical Course and Management of Pregnancy and Labor
Test Questions
Case Study
Chapter 9. Miscarriage and Postmature Pregnancy
Miscarriage Classification
Clinical Course and Diagnosis of Miscarriage
Threatened Abortion
Incipient Abortion
Abortion in Progress
Incomplete and Complete Abortion
Missed Abortion
Miscarriage Treatment
Premature Labor
Postmature Pregnancy
Postmature Pregnancy Diagnostics
Obstetric Management of Postmature Pregnancy
Test Questions
Case Study
Chapter 10. Bony Pelvis Anomalies
Anatomically Contracted Pelvis
Anatomically Contracted Pelvis Classification
Diagnosis and Peculiarities of Biomechanism of Labor
Clinically Contracted Pelvis
Test Questions
Case Study
Chapter 11. Birth Traumas of Mother and Fetus
Birth Traumas of Mother
Vulvar and Vaginal Ruptures
Ruptures of Vulvar and Vaginal Varices
Vulvar and Vaginal Hematomas
Perineal Rupture
Cervical Ruptures
Uterine Rupture
Inversion of Uterus
Separation and Rupture of Symphysis
Postpartum Fistula
Birth Injuries
Skull Gaps and Fractures
Intracranial Birth Injury
Birth Injury of Spinal Cord
Injuries of Clavicles and Extremities
Subcapsular Liver Hemato