Radiology practical training for independent work of students in preparation for practical classes. Part 1= Практичне заняття з радіології для самостійної роботи студентів при підготовці до практичних занять. Частина 1.
ISBN: 978-966-460-121-1
Автор: Ткаченко М.М.
Рік: 2019
Мова: англійська
Сторінок: 84
Обкладинка: м'яка
Ціна: 150 грн.

The manual "Workshop from Radiology" is created in accordance with the program of studying the Discipline "radiology (radiation diagnostics and radiation therapy)" according to the study plan for training the second (master's) level of higher education Education in the field of knowledge 22 "healthcare" at higher educational establishments of Ministry of Health of Ukraine with specialty 222 "MEDICINE" qualifications of educational "MASTER of MEDICINE", qualification of a professional "DOCTOR".
The main purpose of the textbook is assistance in mastering the basic provisions of the discipline "radiology" in preparation for practical classes and final modular control. Theoretical positions are reflected in the form of tables, diagrams, figures. The educational material for mastering practical skills is given in the form of clinical problems with the interpretation of diagnostic images obtained with the help of various radiological methods of examination. The textbook is used by the student at home elaboration theoretical issues for independent extracurricular work that is given in the materials for each practical lesson. The student independently, using the material of textbooks and methodical elaborations, fills the tables and schemes, marks the notation to the figures, describes the typical diagnostic images. The lecturer checks the quality of the homework for each student and considers the results after the relevant practical lesson. Some elaborate diagnostic images can be described under the guidance of the lecturer.
The manual is also necessarily used in preparation for the testing of missed practical classes and is evaluated as an independent student's work. At the end of the manual is a list of the main recommended literature on discipline.
The textbook is prepared by the author's team of prof. M.M. Tkachenko, T.V. Topchiy, associate prof. N.L. Morozova, O.V. Myronova, G.O. Romanenko, M.M. Kondratsky, prof. assist. V.M. Mistriukov, L.A. Cherkasova.
Translation and ordering of prof. N.V. Tanasichuk-Gazhieva, prof. assist. V.M. Mistriukov.
Практикум підготовлено авторським колективом у складі професорів М.М Ткаченка, Т.В. Топчій, доцентів Н.Л. Морозової, О.В. Миронової, Г.О. Романенко, М.М Кондрацького, асистентів В.М. Містрюкова, Л.А. Черкасової.
Перекладачі та упорядники професор Н.В. Танасічук-Гажиєва, асистент В.М.Містрюков.
Рекомендовано до друку рішенням засідання кафедри радіології та радіаційної медицини Національного медичного університету імені О.О. Богомольця (протокол № 16 від 27.05.2019 р.)