Medical English Competence = Вивчення англійської мови для студентів медиків. Рекомендовано вченою радою ВНКЗ Львівської обласної ради «Львівський інститут медсестер та лабораторної медицини імені Андрія Крупинського» як підручник.
ISBN: 978-966-460-095-5
Автор: O. S. Isayeva, M.Yu. Shumylo, L.Ya. Avrahova, I.O. Palamarenko, I.R. Khmilyar
Рік: 2018
Мова: англійська
Сторінок: 360
Обкладинка: тверда
Ціна: 200 грн.

The textbook has been compiled in accordance with the requirements of the English language programme for students of medical educational establishments of the 1st-4th level of accreditation with basic knowledge of English. The aim of the textbook is to master skills in communication, reading and translation of scientific medical literature. The textbook includes 19 units which contain original texts on general medical issues, healthcare matters, anatomy, physiology, grammar material and exercises for practising and improving English language skills. The methodology integrates speaking, listening, writing and reading skills following the task-based approach.
Recommended by the Academic Board of the Higher Educational Communal Institution of Lviv Regional Council “Andrey Krupynsky Lviv Institute of Nursing and Laboratory Medicine”
as a textbook for students of medical educational establishments of the 1st-4th levels of accreditation (Minutes № 11, 04 th July, 2018).
Recommended for publishing by the Academic board of educational and scientific institute of humanitarian and social sciences and approved by the Scientific and Methodological Board of Lviv Polytechnic National University as a textbook for students
of the specialty 162 “Biotechnologies and Bioengineering” (Minutes № 38, 25th October, 2018).

Preface 4
Unit 1. Medical Education in Great Britain 5
Grammar: The Noun (plural) 13
Unit 2. Health Care System in the UK 18
Grammar: Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives/Adverbs 27
Unit 3. Health Care System in the USA 30
Grammar: The Numeral 40
Unit 4. Medical Ethics 45
Grammar:To be and To have 53
Unit 5. Alternative Medicine 57
Grammar: Types of Questions 66
Unit 6. Human Body 70
Grammar: Present/ Past/Future Simple 84
Unit 7. Taking a History. Symptoms 90
Grammar: Present/ Past/ Future Continuous 101
Unit 8. Medical Emergencies 105
Grammar: Present, Past, Future Perfect 115
Unit 9. Hospital 120
Grammar: Present/ Past/ Future Perfect Continuous 131
Unit 10. Pharmacy 135
Grammar: Passive Voice 143
Unit 11. Drug Forms and Classes 148
Grammar: Passive Voice 158
Unit 12. Vitamins 164
Grammar: Modal Verbs 174
Unit 13. Nutrition 179
Grammar: Modal Verbs 189
Unit 14. Cell 194
Grammar: Sequence of Tenses 205
Unit 15. Tissue 209
Grammar: Direct and Indirect Speech 220
Unit 16. Bone Types 225
Grammar: Questions in Indirect Speech 238
Unit 17. Muscles 243
Grammar: Imperative Mood 252
Unit 18. Blood 255
Grammar: The Infinitive 267
Unit 19. Blood Types. Blood Transfusion 271
Grammar: Subjective Infinitive Construction 281
Self-study 287
Vocabulary 322
English Irregular Verbs 347
Recommended Literature 355