Workbook general pathomorphology = Робочий зошит з загальної патоморфології.
ISBN: 978-966-460-097-9
Автор: Гичка С.Г., Кузик П.В., Кособродова Г.Х., Кризина Є.В.
Рік: 2018
Мова: англійська
Сторінок: 160
Обкладинка: м'яка
Ціна: 180 грн.

The workbook on general pathomorphology is a textbook for students of higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine. Its main objective is to assist students in studying the discipline «Pathomorphology» in practical seminars, as well as to preparing for the current and final assessments.
This workbook provides academic subtopics for self education, out-of-class studies and for in-class discussions, definitions, characteristics, tables and diagrams with definitions, classifications and other tasks, examples of tests («Krok 1»), case studies for out-of-class studies and for self-control, macroslides and microslides. When preparing for a practical seminar, the student must use a selfstudy (selfdirecting) methods to learn academic subtopics, fill tables and diagrams with tasks, and solve case studies for independent work. On a practical lesson, the student must describe morphologic changes
on pictures of macro- and microslides under the guidance of a teacher.
The workbook was prepared by Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, M.D. Hychka S.G., Assistant, M.D. Kosobrodova H.H., Candidate of Medical Sciences (Ph.D.), M.D. Kuzyk P.V., Assistant, M.D. Kryzyna O.V. The manual has been created in accordance with the curriculum on pathomorphology for students of medical and dental colleges based on modern textbooks, manuals and guidelines.