Study Guide of Surgery for Medical Students (module 4)
ISBN: 978-966-460-037-2
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г: 2012
: 600
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The content of the textbook covers the new educational programme of surgery. The textbook devotes to preparing to the 4-th module and includes the themes; general questions of surgical aid in Ukraine, systemic surgical pathology, pathology of the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The structure of material is presented with attention on the basic part, terminology, signs, methods of diagnosis, tactics, methods of conservative and surgical treatment, basic and additional literature, tests for initial and final level of knowledge, tasks and materials for the self-study of the students for each lesson. In the authors opinion, such structure of the textbook is beneficial for mastering the subject.
For the foreign students of 6-th course of medical schools of III-IV accreditation level.


Preface 5
Thematic plan of practical studies 6
Obligatory minimum list of practical skills 8
Study guide 1. History and organization of surgical aid in Ukraine. Organization of the ambulatory surgical aid, the work of the reception room of the surgical hospital and operating block 9
Study guide 2. New technologies in surgery 37
Study guide 3. Transplantology. State of problem of heart, lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas and intestine transplantation. Reconstruction of nerves. Plastic and reconstructive surgery 57
Study guide 4. Pathogenesis and significance in different diseases and traumas. Surgical sepsis, septic shock. Antibacterial therapy of surgical infection. Surgical aspects of AIDS 88
Study guide 5. Suppurative diseases of skin and soft tissues. Methods of conservative and surgical treatment 113
Study guide 6. Critical conditions in surgical clini 127
Study guide 7. Modern state of problem of diagnosis and treatment of benign diseases of thyroid gland 150
Study guide 8. Abdominal pain, estimation of features of pain syndrome at differential diagnostics of abdominal viscus diseases. Syndromes of dysphagia, vomiting and violation of defecation 165
Study guide 9. Syndromes of intestinal dysphagia and violations of defecation, acute intestinal obstruction, inflammatory diseases of colon 186
Study guide 10. Syndrome of acute abdomen. Diagnosis, differential diagnosis and medical tactics 209
Study guide 11. Acute appendicitis, as the most frequent reason of syndrome of acute abdomen 231
Study guide 12. Local and widespread inflammatory diseases of abdominal cavity organs and peritoneum. Primary, secondary and tertiary peritonitis. Etiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment 252
Study guide 13. Mechanical jaundice. Classification, pathogenesis, differential diagnosis, tactics and treatment. Acute hepatic insufficiency in case of surgical diseases, methods of treatment and prophylaxis 277
Study guide 14. Systemic inflammatory response syndrome in acute pancreatitis. ontroversies in treatment of acute pancreatitis 303
Study guide 15. Bleeding from a digestive tract 313
Study guide 16. Abdominal trauma. Classification, manifestation of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space organs lesions. Instrumental methods of diagnosis 334
Study guide 17. Specific features of the acute abdominal viscus diseases in the pregnant. Diagnosis and differential diagnosis. Peculiarities of examination. Manifestation of acute surgical diseases of organs of abdominal cavity in elderly patients and children 360
Study guide 18. Surgical complications in patients with infectious diseases. Differential diagnosis of acute surgical and infectious diseases 380
Study guide 19. Portal hypertension. Clinical picture, diagnosis, tactics of conservative and surgical treatment 411
Study guide 20. Chest pain syndromes, respiratory and cardiac insufficiency in diagnosis and differential diagnosis of chest diseases. Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of cardio-vascular and respiratory systems 437
Study guide 21. Surgical diseases of lungs and pleura. Differential diagnosis between nonspecific inflammatory neoplasms and tuberculosis 450
Study guide 22. Diagnostic programme in case of the cardiac injuries. Triad of symptoms of cardiac injuries, tactics of surgical treatment 470
Study guide 23. Traumatic damages of the thorax.Tactics of surgical treatment 483
tudy guide 24. Diseases that lead to the syndrome of limb ischemia. Conservative and surgical treatment of limb arterial occlusion 502
Study guide 25. Diseases of veins. The vena cava superior syndrome, syndrome. Clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of lymphostasis 520
Study guide 26.Thromboses and embolisms of vessels, causes of development, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and prevention 557
Study guide 27.Aortic arch syndrome 586